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Grant access to this amazing technology across all disciplines and unlock your hardware with infinite scalability

3D Printing for Educational Institutions

Manage all of your 3D printers and users from a single platform

Our application makes it simple for users of any skill-level to start and keep printing successfully. Visualize, repair, prepare and slice models for 3D printing with only a few clicks.


Unlock your hardware by making the 3D Printers more accessible for your users

3D Printer Utilization Increase
Years of 3D Printing on our platform
Educational Institutions
Time and Resources Saved
Supported 3D printers

Manage the workflow for your users

Complete Line Of Sight
Track, monitor and audit every part of the 3D printing process with our reporting tools. Use reports to bill users, analyze trends and estimate filament usage over periods of time. Justify expansion of your 3D printing program by having the data to back it up.
Allocate access for specific users and 3D printers with queueing or printing rights.
You can even attach specific slicing profiles to workgroups.
Single-Sign On Integration
We integrate with Shibboleth, SAML etc. to provide a seamless and more secure access for your users

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